Time & Scheduling Assessment

For those feeling like they are ALWAYS BEHIND, NEVER DONE or have NO TIME FOR FUN


Time & Scheduling Assessment

Gain fresh perspective and motivation by having your calendar and schedule evaluated by an objective, experienced eye.  Identify time saving opportunities, areas of over-commitment, unexpected time robbers and snippets of time that are more valuable than you think.  During your two (2) video chats with Holly, you will:

  • Create a realistic and maintainable “base schedule”
  • Identify and set up the calendar best suited for you
  • Brainstorm solutions for your greatest time related stressors

What’s a video chat?

The two video chats included in this package are held via Webex, an online web conferencing system. Accessible by either phone or computer, you will be able to:

  • See and chat with Holly face to face
  • View coaching documents and product recommendations right from her computer screen
  • Record and download the sessions for future viewing

How do the meetings work?

  • First Video Chat (1.5 hours)
    • Identify negotiable and non-negotiable calendar items
    • Map out your personal “base calendar”
    • Identify the best calendar solution for you
    • Determine action steps and accountability plan
  • Follow-Up Video Chat (1 hour)
    • To be scheduled one week after initial video chat
    • Discuss what worked, what didn’t and next steps

What does this cost?

  • The fee for the two video coaching sessions is $100
  • Any additional sessions are billed at $50/hour (billed in 30 minute increments)