Meet Holly Dvorak, Founder of Controlling the Spin Within

Holly Peach Headshot 150x150When I think back to my years in the trenches . . . three babies within three years . . . certain thoughts come to mind.  The most vivid may sound hilarious right now, but at the time - not so much! 
I was sitting in the bathroom floor nursing baby #3.  Baby #1 was sitting on the "big potty" and baby #2 was on the "little" one.  I'm not sure, but I think I was actually sleeping against the wall when the door bell rang.  
What a surprise! An old friend from high school.  The Maid-of-Honor at my wedding none the less.  No children, nice job and a day off from work.   Just thought she'd pop in for a quick visit.  The look on her face said it all.  I can only imagine what I looked like.  I'm sure I answered the door with baby #3 still attached. 
The visit was short but the impact profound.  Why in the world would she want my life?  Did I scar her image of motherhood forever?  I knew I had no clue what I was doing.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed and in a fog.  I also knew it didn't need to be like this.  Even if there were books or resources that could help, who had time to read them?  I was deep in the thick-of-it; thankful for a hot shower and an occasional phone call from a friend.  Now that was a good day!  
Fast forward 16 years and here we are.  Three young men now - the absolute joys of my life. 
How did I get from needing help to helping others?  One day at a time; focusing on one issue at a time. 
I'm so blessed not only by my three fabulous sons, but also by their father.   He is an amazing husband and the source of my inspiration.  He gets more done in a day than I can accomplish in a year.  Ask my friends -  they'll tell you it's true.   I may not have had his energy, but I did have determination.  I was determined to create a home that was a place we could all look forward to returning to at the end of the day.  A place that allowed each person to thrive in their own personality but not be an annoyance with it either.  I also wanted a  place where I could be happy too.  I didn't want to be worked to death and exhausted all the time.  I wanted to be able to enjoy the moments as they occurred, not just when I looked back at them in photographs. 
We're still growing and still learning from each other, but I'm no longer dragging through each day, counting the minutes until bed time. 
I can enjoy the day as it unfolds . . . and that's my dream for you.  No perfection, no comparison, no unattainable goals.  Just a home that is able to control the inevitable spin within.   It is possible and I'd love nothing more than to help you get there.